We often connect the bicycle with exercise and well-being, but in conflicts they had a different purpose. For example, the German riders in WW II were Europe's horror and made the blood freeze, as they were the cornerstones of the German military strategy. The bicycle was in use early and was used effectively. The German bicycle soldiers created fear by being able to move quickly and quietly, and it was not easy to stop these marksmen, who were mainly elite soldiers in hunting troops. Never has the world seen a more destructive and brutal bicycle force as in World War II. Many countries had bicycles in their army, however, there were few countries that used postmark in the war that referred to bicycle companies on the post that were communicated. Objects with red frame are difficult and rare. The collection shows use of bicycles in military ordonan's service, transport and conflicts ranging from the Franco-Prussian War to the post-war period. It deals with Mobilization, World War I, Inter-war period, the Finnish winter war, as well as World War II. Switzerland as neutral country had many companies with bicycles at the borders to the war zones, and is included in the scope of the exhibit.  Maps are included showing where the individual companies were present. Post-war time is included because several countries continued to train soldiers for the use of bicycles in case of conflict, and some correspondence to companies producing bicycles for military purposes included as well.

Eksponatet tilhører Inge Johansen.