The Norwegian War and Field Post Society


The War and Field Post Society is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote interest in war postal history. The Society was established in 1987 and has approximately 130 members, where of 20 living abroad. The Societies aim is to obtain new information about the Norwegian wartime postal history and to make this known to stamp collectors and postal historians in the form of publications and articles in philatelic journals. The Society has its own member magazine "Tidsskrift for Krigs- og Feltpost", which is an important link between the members. You can get a free copy by contacting the Society.

The Society holds 1 to 2 meetings annually in the Oslo region, of which one is the annual meeting. At the meetings, lectures are held on various post-war historical topics, viewing of collections, exchange of letters and discussion about various post-historical areas. The Society holds 2 auctions a year which are only for members. The membership fee is:

  • NOK 400 for members living in Norway.
  • NOK 450 for members living abroad.

The War and Field Post Society wants to connect new members who are interested in war and field post. If you are interested in this collecting area, then a membership will be of great use.



Are you living abroad and want to be a member of the Norwegian War and Field Post Society and paying a reduced fee?

By paying a reduced fee NOK 400, you can become a member and receive our member magazine online. In practice, this means that you will not receive any member magazine by ordinary mail, but get it sent as a pdf file to your email address. In addition, you will receive the annual book gift, and the opportunity to participate in the Society's auctions.